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On-line Versions of Accepted Papers and Slides


CPN ML + Hierarchical CP-nets + State Spaces (slides: can be found at the web-page of the CPN book)
Kurt Jensen

Teaching CP-nets (slides: can be found at the web-page of the CPN book)
Kurt Jensen and Lars M. Kristensen

Performance Analysis + Behavioural Visualisation + Industrial Applications (slides: can be found at the web-page of the CPN book)
Kurt Jensen

State Space Methods and Tool Support for them
Michael Westergaard and Lars M. Kristensen

  1. Intro
  2. ASAP interface
  3. Architecture of ASAP
  4. Simple methods
  5. Advanced methods
  6. Extending ASAP
  7. Status and Outlook
  8. Videos (the video numbers coincide with the numbers in the slides outlining the demos)


Entire proceedings

A Prototype for Cosimulating SystemC and Coloured Petri Net Models (slides: PDF)
M. Westergaard, L.M. Kristensen, and M. Kuusela

Seeking Improved CPN Tools Simulator Performance:
Evaluation of Modelling Strategies for an Army Maintenance Process
(slides: PDF)
Guy Edward Gallasch, Benjamin Francis and Jonathan Billington

Towards Automatic Code-generation from Process-partitioned Coloured Petri Nets (slides: PDF)
K.L. Espensen, M.K. Kjeldsen, L.M. Kristensen, and M. Westergaard

Towards Verification of the PANA Authentication and Authorisation Protocol using Coloured Petri Nets (slides: PDF)
Steve Gordon

A New Coloured Petri Net Methodology for the Security Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols (slides: PDF)
Yongyuth Permpoontanalarp and Panupong Sornkhom

The Petri Net Markup Language and ISO/IEC 15909-2 (slides: PDF)
L.M. Hillah, E. Kindler, F. Kordon, L. Petrucci and N. Trèves

A framework for the definition of variants of high-level Petri nets (slides: Powerpoint)
E. Kindler and L. Petrucci

Verification of Railway Interlocking Tables Using Coloured Petri Nets (slides: Powerpoint)
Somsak Vanit-Anunchai

Towards Formal Modeling and Analysis of BitTorrent using Coloured Petri Nets (slides: Powerpoint)
Jing LIU, Xinming YE, Tao SUN

A Full Automated Fault Diagnosis System based on Colored Petri Net (slides: Powerpoint)
A. L.G. Colaço, G.C. Barroso and R.A.Azevedo

Towards an Open and Extensible Business Process Simulation Engine (slides: PDF)
Luciano Garcia-Banuelos and Marlon Dumas

Relaxed Timed Coloured Petri Nets - A Motivational Case Study (slides: PDF)
Guy Edward Gallasch and Jonathan Billington

Search-Order Independent State Caching (slides: PDF)
Sami Evangelista and Lars Michael Kristensen

On Extending the Sweep-Line for Language Equivalence Checking (slides: PDF)
Guy Edward Gallasch