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Associate Professor Marianne Graves Petersen, one of the authors of the awarded paper.

DIS 2020 Honorable Mention Award

2020.05.14Congratulations to Marianne Graves Petersen, Majken Rasmussen and Johan Trettvik who received the DIS 2020 Honorable Mention Award for their paper entitled "Affordances of Shape-Changing Interfaces: An Information Perspective on Transformability and Movement". Award winners are…

Second-year student gets research paper accepted at EuroVA’20

2020.05.13It is not every day that a little, curiosity-driven side project of a bachelor student finds international scientific recognition. Yet, for second year Computer Science student Sebastian Bugge Loeschcke, this dream came true, and he will present his research results at the International EuroVis…

Gopinaath Kannabiran, postdoc in the Computer Mediated Activity research group at Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus University. Photo: private.

DIS 2020 Honorable Mention Award

2020.05.12Congratulations to Postdoc Gopinaath Kannabiran and Professor Susanne Bødker who received an Honorable Mention Award at DIS 2020 for their paper on prototypes as objects of desire. 

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