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Data Visualization course brings together Master students across faculties

2021.01.20The need to gather, analyze, and ultimately understand data pervades all scientific fields. Hence, it is no wonder that the Data Visualization (DaVi) course attracts not only our own students, but students from all over the university – for example from the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the…

Bestseller invests in computer science start-up

2021.01.13Congratulations to the entrepreneurs behind Emplate, who have recived a large investment from Bestsellers investment company Heartland. Now the company can start their transformation from market leader in Denmark to global player in software solutions for shopping centers [article in Danish].

BLOG POST: Multiparty Computation: The beacon of privacy solutions explained

2021.01.07You may have heard about Multiparty computation, or MPC, for short, but you may not know exactly what it is. That’s why in this blog post, we are going to explain exactly what multiparty computation is, and discuss the profound and seemingly impossible tasks it can help us accomplish.

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