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Anniversary celebration: 52 and 25 years

52 years of Computer Science at Aarhus University and 25 years as an independent department

Computer science made its appearance in Danish research and education about 50 years ago. Computer Science and Danish computer science research have been a catalyst for a digital revolution that has radically changed the way we work and live within the last 50 years. In 1971, computer science at Aarhus University was established as a unit at the Department of Mathematics and in January 1, 1998 Department of Computer Science was established as an independent department. This means that computer science at Aarhus University in 2023 will be able to celebrate both the 52 anniversary of the establishment of the research area and its 25th anniversary as an independent department.

13:30 Arrival

14:00 Welcome

  • Celebratory talks
  • Department of Computer Science anno 2023 by Kaj Grønbæk
  • The rise of Computer Science at Aarhus University by Mogens Nielsen
  • The rise of the IT Product Development education by Marianne Graves Petersen
  • The rise of object-oriented programming by Bjarne Stroustrup

15:10 Break

  • Secure Multiparty Computation: From basic research to applications and back by Ivan Damgård
  • Iris: a Higher-order concurrent separation logic framework by Lars Birkedal
  • Participatory design and traces of impact on the research field of Human-Computer Interaction  by Susanne Bødker
  • How fast can we go? by Kasper Green Larsen
  • Closing remarks

16:30 Reception

Thank you for all the video greetings we received from all over the world

Professor Ira Assent

"Our department offers a vibrating environment also for research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, ranging from theoretical underpinnings, to novel methods and concepts with many applications in practice. As part of the Pioneer Center of AI, we can contribute to the exciting new field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence."

Professor Ole Lehrmann Madsen

"I think that the establishment of the National research centre DIREC, where all computer science departments at Danish universities and the Alexandra Institute have joined together to build up additional capacity within CS, contribute to even more world-class research and more research and innovation collaboration with companies and public institutions will be of great importance to Denmark as a whole."

Time: May 26, 2023, 13:30 - 16:30 (followed by a reception)
           Arrival from 13:30

Venue: Peter Bøgh Andersen auditorium, building 5335, Helsingforsgade 14, 8200 Aarhus N

Professor Morten Kyng

"Wonderful to be celebrating a department where we  do ground breaking research spanning participatory design and cryptography"

Professor Ivan Bjerre Damgaard

"Since the beginning of the nineties, the cryptography group at CS grew from 3-4 people into a large world-class research group."