Andreas Pavlogiannis

Andreas Pavlogiannis 

Andreas Pavlogiannis
PhD, IST Austria

Assistant Professor
Programming Languages group
Department of Computer Science
Aarhus University

DIGIT Automated Verification and Synthesis

CV, DBLP, Google Scholar

IT-parken, Aabogade 34
DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

Research Interests

formal methods, algorithmic verification, automata theory, foundations of model checking, concurrency, static & dynamic program analysis
population dynamics, evolutionary graph theory, evolutionary game theory

Umang and I are giving a tutorial on new theory and practice for Dynamic Race Prediction.
Tune in on TutorialFest on POPL 21.

I have positions for motivated PhD students in algorithmic verification. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact me with a CV and a short description of interests.
Refer to our PhD program for applications.

I have openings for internships (flexible). Drop me an email if interested.