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Travel application

If you are not yourself the grant holder, please always fill out the travel application form.

In the application form remember to apply for daily allowance if agreed with grant holder.

Book your travel and hotel

Get an overview on rules and regulations regarding booking of travel, hotels, maximum hotel prices etc. 

If you have any furhter questions, please do not hesitate to cotact your research group coordinator.

Credit card

As an employee at AU you can get a AU creditcard to use for work related expenses. The settlements with receipts are done in Rejsud. 

To read more about the credit card and order one read here.

Daily allowance

When traveling for over 24 hours you can cover your meal expenses with daily allowance. This . way you don't need to save your receipts. 

Hourly and daily allowances are a fixed amount that AU pays for meals and refreshments while you are on an official trip, a course or anything else that lasts more than 24 hours and includes an overnight stay.

Read more about the rate for daily allowance here.

Travel expenses

When you travel in connection with your work, you may have a number of expenses. Whether the expenses are covered by AU depends on the purpose and type of expense, whether a commitment has been made to the expense.

On this page you will find answers to questions that may arise in connection with expenses you have on your trip. If you do not find a useful answer, Travel Expense Accounts at AU Finance can help you - contact information can be found in the right column.

Apply for Visa

For Danish citizens check here if you need visa

Non-Danish citizens need to check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their home country

Settle your expenses

Rejsud is AU’s system for handling expenses. 

Your research group coordinator will give you access to the system and will offer you a guided seminar on how to use Rejsud.
Read more about how to use Rejsud here.