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Research and funding

Advice and tools for grant proposal

Do you need to apply for funding for your research?

On this site, you will find some useful tips on how to write an effective grant proposal. For example, you will find tips on writing a project description and tools to present your CV and budget clearly and understandably.

Instructions for storage and processing of research data

On this webpage, you find instructions (guidelines) for storage and management of research data describe requirements and areas of responsibility for correct data management and data storage.

GDPR: Personal data and research

If you handle personal data as part of your job at Aarhus University, it is important that you comply with relevant legislation. Gain an overview of what you need to know about GDPR. 

Gain an overview of what you need to know about GDPR.

E-learing course on research data management

Within the framework of the National Forum for Research Data Management, Danish universities have developed an e-learning course on research data management. The course consists of three modules: Introduction, FAIR Principles and data management plans. Each module takes approx. 20 minutes.

ReAp (system for registering applications)

ReAp (Research Applications) is a system to keep track of the external funding of research projects. When you submit a research application, you must feed data about the application into ReAp.

Read more and find login page here. 

Funding database: Research Professional

Research Professional – www.researchprofessional.com

Research Professional is an external funding database with a comprehensive coverage of especially European and other international funding opportunities within all research areas.

All employees at Aarhus University have access to the database, and the search results can be saved, downloaded or shared with colleagues.

When signing up, you will continuously be notified of funding opportunities that are relevant to you or your research group.

Create your profile here

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