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Living in Denmark

When you start working at Aarhus University, you will opviously have a lot of questions about living in Denmark. We have gathered some information that will help you in your daily life:

LifeinDenmark - quick guide to what you need to do as a newcomer to Denmark

Lifeindenmark.dk is part of the common public portal in Denmark called borger.dk. It is a quick guide to what you need to do as a newcomer to Denmark.

To ensure a smooth transition to Denmark, the International Staff Office at Aarhus University offers you help to get registered with the public authorities for your EU residence certificate, CPR number and MitID. You just sign up for the 'Getting Started in Denmark' event

Open a bank account

Everyone who works in Denmark must have a band account to have their salary paid into.

On this webpage you find information on how to open a bank account.

Log on to e-Boks/Digital post

E-boks and Digital Post are two platforms that give you access to mail from both the public authorities and private companies. The public authorities will contact you via Digital Post, and you will automatically be registered for Digital Post when you register for your CPR number.

On this webpage you will find more information on E-boks and Digital Post


The Danish tax system is a complicated matter of rules and laws as in most countries. You do not need to be familiar with all of these rules and laws, but it is important that you know what you need to do in relation to your tax.

Read more about taxation

Register your car

If you take up residence in Denmark and bring a vehicle, you must register your foreign registered vehicle with the Danish tax authorities within 30 days of arrival and you must pay a registration tax.

Read more about car registration

Convert driving licence (for non-EU/EEA driver's licences only)

hen relocating to Denmark with a non-EU/EEA driving licence, you may be required to exchange your licence for a Danish equivalent within 90 days and complete a driving test (consisting of a theoretical and a practical part) prior to the exchange. It depends on where your driving licence was issued whether you need to change your licence or not.  

Read more about driving licence conversion

Transportation in Aarhus and Denmark

Denmark is an easy country to travel in, and public transport is convenient and safe. Besides that there are many ways of going by car in an environmentally friendly and affordable way. 

Get an overview of the different ways to travel in Denmark.

Public holidays and days off with pay

Public holidays: Public holidays are days off with pay. On public holidays in Denmark, shops, schools and businesses are normally closed.

Days off with pay: These days are paid holidays for employees at Aarhus University.

Get the full list of public holidays and days off with pay.

Danish news in English

In Denmark there are a number of options for those seeking Danish news in English.

This webpage will guide you to stay updated to Danish news.

International specialty shops in and around Aarhus

International Community has made a list with specialty stores in and around Aarhus to help you find food from your home country.