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Daily life at CS

Here you will find everything about the daily life at Department of Computer Science. Please contact your Research group coordinator if you have any questions. 

Key to your office

When you arrive to the department, your research group coordinator will have a form for you to fill out to order a key for your office. 

Access card to the buildings and corridors outside working hours

To enter the department buildings you need to order an access card.  

Fill out this form to order an access card. Ask your research group coordinator about the details. 

CS e-mail

Shortly before your arrival, you will receive an e-mail from "No-reply, Aarhus Universitet" with information about how to create your email address and password. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your research group coordinator.

Email signature

As en employee at CS, we recommend that you have an email signature with information about name, title, phone number, address etc.

Read about how to set up your email signature here. 

AU Find App to search for AU buildings

Download the app AU Find for your smartphone and search for buildings, locations, names, numbers etc. at Aarhus University.

Search for buildings with browser here

Code of conduct

Please read the deparments code of conduct here

How to get VPN access


When you log on to the virtual private network (VPN), it’s like working on a computer at AU: you have the same level of protection. In other words, your internet connection is encrypted, which makes it invisible to anyone who might want to intercept your data.

Read more on how to get access


If you have letter or packages sent to your work address, you can find it in you personal mail box in the mail room next to the Information Office by the main entrance in ADA-1. 

Office supplies

If you need paper, pens, whiteboard markerss etc. then you can find all of it in the printing room close to the Information Office in ADA-1. If you can't find it just go and ask in the informatioon office. 


For free parking you can register your car and park for free on all AU parking lots. 

read more about how to register and see all the parking lots here.

Department car

The department has a car you can borrow for work-related trips. Please contact the information office to book the car.

Coffee, tea and fresh fruit

Coffe, tea, and cacao if free for all employees. You can find coffee machines in the coffee lounge in Hopper-2. 
There is also cups and cold water. 

Fresh fruit is also provided 2 times a week and you just grab what ever you need. 

CS Colloquium

The department hosts a series of talks aimed at a broad computer science audience, including students and scientific staff. This is an opportunity to hear about
new research projects or overviews of research areas, presented by our own local experts or invited guest speakers.

The talks will usually take place after the monthsly faculty meetings. 

Read more about the series, upcomming talks, and the semnar committee here

ALICE network

ALICE is a network at Aarhus University that seeks to support and advocate for women in Computing, IT and Engineering.

Read more about the ALICE network here.

Staff Club

The purpose of the staff club is to:

  • encourage the co-operation and teamwork between the different staff and research groups at the Department of Computer Science
  • initiate cultural, professional and entertaining events
  • handle gifts to round-number birthdays (from 30 years) and critical illness for members of CS Staff Club. As a member of Staff Club you automatically contribute to the gift.

Sign up and read more about the CS Staff Club here.

Feriefond (AU holiday houses)

AU Feriefond aims to provide holiday stays for employees and alumni at Aarhus University. Sign in and take a look at what AU Feriefond can offer you.

Fitness Centre

You can sign up for AU Motion and get access to the AU gym. Read more and sign up here.

Physiotherapist appointments

If there is a need for it, it is possible to get an appointment with a physiotherapist. Talk to your research group coordinator for details.

Friday bar

The CS Friday bar is for all students and employees. It's open EVERY friday from 3PM till they decide to close. 
You find the Friday Bar in the basement of the Nygaard-building. 

International staff events and activities

International Staff Office at AU offers numerous events and activies. Get an overview of future events and activities