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International Community

International Community supports expats and their families during their stay in the Aarhus region. They create social and professional networks to the benefit of expats through a wide range of events, seminars and online activities.

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UIC - Aarhus University International Club

Throughout the year, UIC organizes relevant events for AU’s international and Danish staff, including academic staff, PhD students, guest researchers, international guests, and their accompanying family members.

They also offer newcomers a comprehensive toolbox of information and resources for a smooth transition to Aarhus and Danish society.

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CS Today - local newsletter

CS News is automatically sent out to all employees at Department of Computer Science. The newsletter is a selection of news for employees and students at Department of Computer Science.

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International Staff at AU Newsletter

Every month, UIC prepare a comprehensive newsletter in English targeted to the international staff at AU and their accompanying family members. 

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International Community Newsletter

The newsletter contains updates from International Community and their network, suggestions on what to do in your spare time in and around Aarhus, blogs, Danish culture and traditions, job openings, practical information, and much more.

The newsletter is send out every second Thursday throughout the year to 4,000 subscribers.

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Newsletter for Staff at Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences issue a monthly internal newsletter to employees. All staff at the faculty and in the administration center are automatically subscribed to the newsletter and new mailing lists are created approx. 3 times a year, so new employees are automatically added to the list.

The newsletter is sent in Danish with a link to the English version.

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News from the Senior Management Team

News from the Senior Management Team is published every week (in English subsequently). This includes a brief description of current activities and discussions.

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