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Students from all over the world want to study computer science in Aarhus

The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University will welcome 11 new international students from countries such as Czech Republic, Italy, China and Portugal. All of who seek to accomplish a master degree in Computer Science. Tech companies in Aarhus and its vicinity, which to a large extent lack IT specialists, support the advent of international IT talents.


“When it comes to computer science, Aarhus University has some unique ways to link theoretical research areas to practice. And then Aarhus is a really nice city for students – especially here in June, where everything is green and lush,” says Joao Marcelo Belo from Portugal.

The 25-year-old computer science student changes his address in Portugal with a new one in Aarhus this August, when he starts his study as the MSc in Computer Science at Aarhus University. And Joao is by no means the only student that arrives from abroad, who will learn about software architecture, IT security and complicated algorithms in Aarhus until August. Also, students from Italy, Romania and the Czech Republic will, in the coming semester, contribute with an international flair on the study environment at the Department of Computer Science:

“We are really excited to see the new international students at Computer Science, where we already have researchers, teachers and students from all over the world. The admission of several international students is fully in line with our ambition to have an international research and study environment of high academic quality,” says Professor Lars Birkedal, Head of Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University.

Joao Marcelo Belo from Portugal are one of 11 new international students who are coming to Department of Computer Science to  accomplish a master degree in Computer Science at august

Students invited to Aarhus
This year, the 11 international students have accepted a study stay after the Department of Computer Science has taken new measures in use to attract IT talents to Aarhus University, rather than other European universities. Mid-June, nine international students were invited to Aarhus by the department and company-network, Destination AARhus, which aim to attract IT talents from all over the world to Aarhus.

Along the way, the international students were on a guided tour in Aarhus, as they gained an insight into the study and research community in the IT city of Katrinebjerg and Aarhus University. In addition, they visited Danske Bank, Systematic and Kamstrup, all of which are members of the Destination AARhus network.

“It is no secret that there is a high demand for highly skilled labor in the IT industry, and that was why we thought in new directions by inviting students to East Jutland. By doing so, we were able to show Aarhus as a progressive student city with great career opportunities within IT, which hopefully give the youngsters the desire to stay in the Danish IT industry, when they are finished,” says Pernille Salling, coordinator at Destination AARhus.