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Student projects

The CMA research group supervise both bachelor-, elective- and thesis subjects within the topics, approaches and technologies we are familiar with in our research. On this page you can find both help with getting started with finding a supervisor for a project within the group and open calls to projects that we actively promote and need research assistance with. You can see a small introduction to the open projects below.

How to get started with finding a topic and supervisor?

There are many entry points to finding a project and supervisor. We appreciate students asking questions on project supervision either in person or via email, but would like to encourage you to consider a few things beforehand:

1. What is the type of project? – check up on dates and formalities

2. How do you want to approach the project? Is is primarily empirical? Do you want to work with a specific theory or perspective? Do you want to construct something? Do you want to test something?

3. Do you want to do a collaboration with someone outside Computer Science and/or Aarhus University? – check up on the formalities around project collaborations as well.

4. Are there specific topics, theories or papers that inspire you?

5. Are there specific technologies or techniques you want to become familiar with through the project?

Having some ideas about the above will greatly help us help you finding a good project, topic and supervisor from the get go. If you want to develop you ideas more, we recommend reading and going through the exercises in chapter 4 of Booth et al.s (2003) book “Craft of Research”.