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Researchers in the Collaboration and Computer-Human Interaction group


Susanne Bødker

E: bodker@cs.au.dk

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HCI | CSCW | Interaction design | Participatory design

Associate and Assistant Professors

Olav W. Bertelsen

E: olavb@cs.au.dk

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HCI | Participatory design | Computer supported collaborative work

Eve Hoggan

E: eve.hoggan@cs.au.dk

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Multimodal interaction | mobile interaction | multi-touch techniques | HCI

Michael Wessely

E: michael.wessely@cs.au.dk

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HCI | Fabrication | Printed Electronics | Design Tools


Marcel Borowski

E: marcel.borowski@cs.au.dk

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Human-Computer Interaction | Interactive Systems | Computational Media

PhD students

Research group coordinator

Honorary professor

Liam Bannon, Honorary Professor for the  period 1.11.2010 to 31.10.2015