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TCC Test of Time Award

Congratulations to Ivan Damgård, Jesper Buus Nielsen, and former PhD student Sigurd Meldgaard (now software engineer at Google) who have been selected as winner of the Test of Time Award at the Theory of Cryptography Conference (TTC) for their paper ‘Perfectly secure oblivious RAM without random oracles’ from 2011. 

Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen & Professor Ivan Damgård.
Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen & Professor Ivan Damgård. Photo by Søren Kjeldgaard.

The award is given to the trio with the following explanation: "For the first perfectly secure unconditional Oblivious RAM scheme and for setting the stage for future Oblivious RAM and PRAM schemes."

The TCC Test of Time Award recognizes outstanding papers, published in TCC at least eight years ago, making a significant contribution to the theory of cryptography, preferably with influence also in other areas of cryptography, theory, and beyond.

The award will be presented to the authors at TCC 2022 in Chicago this November.  

Read the award-winning paper here.