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Enhanced Cybersecurity in the Retail Sector

Far more than half of Danish retail companies have been subjected to cyberattacks, and the need for better security is urgent. Therefore, the Salling Foundations have donated DKK 4.8 million to cybersecurity research to protect the sector from increasing cyber threats.

Assistant professor Sophia Yakoubov and Associate Professor Diego Aranha will co-lead a new project about cybersecurity in retail funded by the Salling Foundation. Photo by Søren Kjendgaard.

Anders Hagh, CEO of Salling Group, explains: "To maintain the strong position we have in Denmark within retail, it is important that we future proof ourselves in an uncertain world."

The donation will fund two research positions at the department focusing on security technologies such as Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and user authentication. These are key technologies to create a more secure future for Danish retail and make the sector more robust against identity theft and data breaches.

Project co-lead Assistant professor Sophia explains “With MPC, we can perform computation on sensitive data from different sources without revealing the data or creating single points of failure.” Associate professor Diego Aranha continues “We intend to explore underappreciated ways of authenticating users that are future-proof and may offer more usability as well.”

A big thank you to the Salling Foundations for their generous donation! We look forward to the collaboration with Security Tech Space and Salling Group, which will combine strengths in retail and cybersecurity to protect and strengthen the sector.

For more information, please read (in Danish only): https://securitytechspace.dk/salling-fondene-donation-til-forskning-i-cybersikkerhed-i-retailbranchen/