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20 percent increase in first choice applicants for computer science at Aarhus University

This year, no less than 408 applicants have applied for the Bachelor’s degree program in computer science at Aarhus University. More than half of the applicants - 220 in total – has chosen computer science as their first priority. The numbers are based on the preliminary calculation of applicants to higher education at Aarhus University.

Compared to 2016, 20 percent more have chosen to apply for computers science as their first priority education. With an increased demand from the IT industry for highly skilled graduates, the increase of first priority applicants are welcomed as good news at Department of Computer Science:
- We are very pleased that so many applicants have chosen to apply for computer science as their first priority. It’s very positive that so many young people perceive computer science as an exciting and interesting field with great career opportunities, says Professor Lars Birkedal, Head of Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. Read the full press release here (in Danish).