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MAFIA, User Interfaces for Mobile Phones

Modelling and Analysis of Feature Interactions in Architectures for mobile phones



CPN Group at DAIMI 
Nokia Research Center (Software Architecture Group)

Duration of project: November 2000 - October 2001

NOKIA considers the outcome of MAFIA project to be extremely successful. The aim of the project was to produce CPN models that specify the patterns of feature interactions occurring in the user interface (UI) styles of Nokia mobile phones. The models describe the behaviour of the UI at the level that the user of a handset observes it. The models help in estimating the cost of developing the features of a product for a specific style. They help the design of features by exposing critical behavioural patterns. Finally, they help in assessing how well the common UI software architecture supports the development of features for different UI styles.

The deliverables of the MAFIA project includes a CPN model that makes it possible to simulate all types of feature interactions according to a feature interaction classification that was built when analysing one Nokia UI style. The model also includes the generation of domain specific graphics to visualise the feature interactions. During the project, the model was used to guide the specification of the feature interaction categories and simulations of the model were used to produce domain specific visualisations of the feature interactions. The feature interaction categorisation was used as a basis for a feature interaction section in Nokia's UI design specification document template. Snapshots of interactive visualisations were used as illustrations in a document describing feature interactions and their categorisation that was delivered to Nokia's UI designers. So, the results of the project are in wide use at Nokia.

Software Architecture Group at Nokia Research Center

The Software Architecture Group (SAG) is one of the most important research groups in the Software Technology Laboratory at Nokia Research Center. The mission of SAG is to help Nokia to excel in software engineering and software architecture. Within Nokia SAG works on the following areas: technology development, technology application in product development, development of new product ideas, standardisation, and knowledge transfer. SAG has strong relations with the research community and has many joint research projects with universities and research organisations in Europe. SAG participates in EU co-operation projects to contribute its research results and gain visibility, contacts and ideas.

Project Group

Research manager:
Kurt Jensen, Prof., Dr. Scient., DAIMI,
Phone: +45 8942 5612, E-mail: kjensen@cs.au.dk
Other participants from CPN group:
Louise Lorentsen, PhD student, DAIMI (louisel@cs.au.dk)
Søren Christensen, Assoc. Prof., PhD, DAIMI (schristensen@cs.au.dk)
Kjeld Høyer Mortensen, PostDoc, DAIMI (khm@cs.au.dk)
Participants from Nokia:
Jianli Xu ( jianli.xu@nokia.com)
Antti-Pekka Tuovinen (antti-pekka.tuovinen@nokia.com)