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IPv6: Design and Validation of Protocols

CPN Group at DAIMI
Ericsson Telebit A/S
Danish National Centre for IT-Research

Start of project: June 2002

This projects deals with the design and validation of routing protocols and other protocols in ad-hoc and mobile networks. This includes networks where both terminal nodes (with user equipment) and intermediate nodes are mobile. For such networks there is a strong need for self configuration and dynamic adaption, in particular because all nodes are able to participate in routing tasks. Main focus is on the IPv6 protocol suite, i.e., the next generation of the Internet Protocol (IP), and its role in ad-hoc and mobile networks.

The project focuses on the formal specification and design of protocol parts/algorithms together with validation of their required functionality. An aim of the functional validation is also the detection of design errors causing deadlocks, livelocks, and other kinds of malfunctioning. The validation will be done both by simulation and by means of state spaces. It may also, to a certain extend, become feasible to investigate performance aspects, i.e. time and memory demands.

Ericsson Telebit A/S

Ericsson Telebit develops IP technologies for product units within the Ericsson organisation. The current main projects are focused on delivering software for the realtime router products as well as Ericsson's GSM and 3G mobile terminal platform. The company is continuously engaged in several research projects to maintain its status as a leading provider in the IPv6 world.

Ericsson Telebit was the first company in the world to introduce a commercial router that can operate on the basis of the IPv6 protocol. The knowledge that this achievement has generated within the organisation makes the company a key partner for the next-generation internet and router technology.

Report for 2002

Project Group

Research manager:
Lars M. Kristensen, PhD., DAIMI,
Phone: +45 8942 5686, E-mail: lmkristensen@cs.au.dk
Other partcipants from CPN group:
Søren Christensen, Assoc. Prof., PhD, DAIMI (schristensen@cs.au.dk)
Kurt Jensen, Prof., Dr. Scient., DAIMI (kjensen@cs.au.dk)
Participants from Ericsson:
Jens Kristensen (Jens.Kristensen@lmd.ericsson.se)
Lars Kroll Kristensen (Lars.K.Kristensen@lmd.ericsson.se)
Richard Jørgensen (Richard.Jorgensen@lmd.ericsson.se)