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Villum International Postdoc grant to Mahak Pancholi

Congratulations to Mahak Pancholi, PhD student from the Cryptography and Security Group, who has been awarded a prestigious VILLUM International Postdoc grant. The grant will allow her to continue research at IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid. This prestigious award, presented annually by the VILLUM Foundation to excellent research talents, is a testament to Mahak's talent and commitment to the field.

Mahak Pancholi will continue her research at the department and at IMDEA in Madrid. Photo by Thomas Frandsen, Villum Foundation.

Mahak will be delving into the realm of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), a cryptographic tool that enables individuals to prove claims without disclosing sensitive information. For example, you can prove you're eligible to vote without disclosing personal information. ZKPs are vital in areas like banking and e-voting, where honest behaviour and privacy are crucial. But sometimes, for the sake of speed, security gets compromised. Mahak’s mission is to strengthen the cryptographic guarantees of ZKPs, so that our digital interactions stay private and secure while being efficient. 

Congratulations, Mahak, on this well-deserved honour! Your work promises to make our digital world safer and more secure.

We're eager to witness your continued contributions to the field of cryptography and security.

The VILLUM International Postdoc Programme actively promotes the advancement of talented female researchers. The program encourages independent research careers and international collaboration, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive scientific community. In 2023, eight researchers have been selected for the Villum International Postdoc grant. Congratulations to: Elisa Bassignana (ITU), Ersilia Guarini (KU), Nathalie Suhr Eiris Henriksen (DTU), Mengting Li (AAU) Mahak Pancholi (AU), Mie Thorborg Pedersen (SDU), Monica Hamann Sandgaard (RUC) and Maria Scheel (AU). Read the announcement from the Villum Foundation.