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The Hyperkinetic Kayak exhibited in New York

The Hyperkinetic Kayak is the result of a collaboration between the artist Jette Gejl, Peter Møller-Nielsen from Department of Computer Science and Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI). It is included in an exhibition in Scandinavia House in New York under the common title "Voyage to the Virtual". The exhibition is open from 24. January 2015 to 4. April 2015.

The Hyperkinetic Kayak is an interactive art installation by Jette Gejl. The visitor can affect navigation through, above and below a stylized, computer generated ice sea. The Hyperkinetic Kayak consists of a blank white lacquered kayak (in full size ) in front of a computer generated virtual image, which leads the imagination to a Greenlandic ice sea. Located in the kayak, the visitors, as rowers, can navigate their way around and through a universe of icebergs, the sea and skies. A landscape and a kayak, that are not subject to nature's usual regularities, the kayak can not only move on the surface of the sea, but also delve beneath the surface and float above it.

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