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Student project spotlight: ChromaNails

This spring, Frederik Kjær Sørensen, Magnus Frisk & Mads Kristian Steen Vejrup completed their bachelor degree in IT-Product Development with the project ChromaNails under the supervision of Michael Wessely.

ChromaNails allows users to reprogram nail polish. Thus, letting them program almost any pattern on to their fingernails with just a push of a button 💅🏻 This could be patterns used for fashion or data like QR-codes or access keys. The nail design can be reprogrammed without the need of applying new nail polish. See more in this video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PB5UEosKig.

In October, Frederik, Mads and Magnus will go to the User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) 2023 conference in San Francisco to present their demo paper. UIST is the premier forum for innovations in human-computer interfaces, which brings together people from diverse areas including graphical & web user interfaces, tangible & ubiquitous computing, virtual & augmented reality, multimedia, new input & output devices, Human-Centered AI, and CSCW. The conference is sponsored by Reality labs, Apple, Autodesk, Google etc.

Congratulations on this great achievement, and we wish you the best of luck in San Francisco.

Want to know more about this exciting project? Check this out: https://madsvejrup.com/chromanails