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Ole Caprani wins e-Skills award

On the eSkills for Jobs 2014 conference on 30 October 2014 in Rome, Italy, Ole Caprani was awarded the e-Skills award for outstanding use of ITC for teaching

Ole Caprani won in the light of the below nomination and criteria

20 years ago, Mr Ole Caprani founded the LEGOLab at Aarhus University. Since then he has continued to develop the lab with an infectious enthusiasm and energy. At the Lab, Mr Caprani works with LEGO robots to show how playing with LEGO robots is great fun while at the same time it gives students and pupils the opportunity to learn about programming, mathematics, creativity, problem solving and team work. Mr Caprani's audience is not limited to university students - he also engages children from across the country and beyond between the ages of 7 and 18, as well as school teachers to enable them to use LEGO robots in their own teaching.
Mr Caprani has also been the main driver for establishing the competitions FIRST LEGO Leauge and World Robot Olympiad in Denmark as well as being a consultant to initiatives for developing the two competitions in Scandinavia and Worldwide.

How does the best initiative being nominated fulfill the criteria


  •  Use of ICT tools in a learning context, in the classroom or some other organised learning setting (i.e youth or club)
  • Using innovative methods of teaching subjects that do not have a direct link to technology (history, languages, sociology, etc.)
  • Using ICT to enhance intercultural dialogue and understanding
  • Promoting creativity through the use of digital tools
  • Enhancing motivation through the use of ICT in the classroom.

Mr Caprani has inspired and motivated thousands of children, university students and teachers in Denmark, Scandinavia and many other countries to engage in eSkills, ICT, Robotics and to pursue an education and a career in that field. Mr Caprani is a master in  conveying enthusiasm as well as knowledge  in STEM education. It is for his lifelong dedication to this work, that we want to nominate him to eSkills Award for Outstanding use of ICT for Teaching.