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Master student nominated for scholarship

Simone is on her second year of the Master's programme in IT Product Development. Photo by Kim-Yen Nguyen (Nguyen Studio)

"The reason I chose a tech education, and more specifically IT Product Development, was because I wanted to both be creative and work with people. I really enjoy that what we do actually becomes something in the world," says Simone Randrup who represents Aarhus University on the national IT team, and is a role model for anyone considering an education or career in tech. An IT/Tech education is much more to code - it is also idea generation, development, processes, user tests, product creation and much more.

We are really proud that Simone has been nominated for a scholarship that pays homage to female role models in tech. The scholarship is awarded by Universal Robots A/S and Mobile Industrial Robots A/S at the Nordic region's largest robot fair, R-22, which will be held in Odense this week 🤖