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Internationalisation Fellowship to Simon Oddershede Gregersen

Congratulations to postdoc Simon Oddershede Gregersen who has received an Internationalisation Fellowship grant from Carlsbergfondet for the projoct ‘Security and privacy of distributed systems. The grant allows Simon to continue his research for the next two years at New York University.

Simon works to enhance software security and privacy by developing a new framework for mathematically proving the correctness of distributed systems with randomized operations. This is crucial due to the pervasive nature of software in our lives, where even small errors can lead to significant security risks, and traditional verification tools are inadequate for modern, distributed systems. 

Simon is one of 42 postdocs selected for grants by Carlsbergfondet. In total, they will receive almost DKK 50 million. Read more about Simon project here: https://www.carlsbergfondet.dk/da/Forskningsaktiviteter/Bevillingsstatistik/Bevillingsoversigt/CF23_0791_Simon-Oddershede-Gregersen.

In 2023, Carlsbergfondet supported 192 researchers with DKK 426 million. See, the complete list of grant recipients here: https://www.carlsbergfondet.dk/da/Forskningsaktiviteter/Bevillingsstatistik/Bevillingsoversigt/