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Exciting expansion plans for Computer Science at Aarhus University

The Aarhus University Board has approved a plan to significantly expand Aarhus University's efforts in the area of digitalization, which will be unfolded from 2018-2024...

There is a huge demand for educating more it specialists in Denmark, as highlighted in a 2016 report from the Danish Business Authority. Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University aims to address global challenges, and take a lead on solving society’s needs, which are more connected to it and computer science than ever.

Initially, AU’s digitalization plan will focus on doubling the number of graduates with specialist competences within digitalization – including students from the departments of computer science, engineering, and mathematics.

For Department of Computer Science this means;

1.       increasing the number of students admitted into our bachelor's programs in computer science and IT product development from 180 to 250 per year.

2.       improving the retention rate for our students with the aim of graduating 190 M.Sc. students per year.

3.       increasing the number of full-time faculty members by 18 to match the increase in students and to strengthen our research at the department. Today we are 25, so this will be an increase of more than 70%!

Head of department at Computer Science Lars Birkedal states: ” these goals are ambitious and non-trivial to realize. In particular, it will be challenging to attract that many highly-qualified students to our study programs. I am convinced that a key ingredient will be to increase the diversity in our student population. Specifically, we will seek to increase the number of female and international students. But, I am optimistic that we can reach these goals by a strong collective effort, relying on our excellent faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the department.”

See also the announcement from Aarhus University [in Danish only].