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Do you know what this sticker means?

It tells you when your office is being cleaned! Everyday our excellent cleaning staff ensures that we have clean working environments. For everybody’s interest we would like to outline the work they do on a daily basis, and when you can expect to get your office cleaned.

Check the sticker in your doorframe to learn which day your office is cleaned. The floor will be washed and your desk wiped clean – but only if you have remembered to clear your desk! A messy desk will not be cleaned. If you have any specific cleaning needs such as a bookcase, shelves, white board or the likes, you can leave a note, and the cleaning staff will accommodate your request, if the unit in question is cleared and available for cleaning.

Trash cans in offices: Please remember, it is your own responsibility to empty your trash can. In the kitchens there are trash cans for both paper and regular waste.