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DFF International Postdoc Grant to Jens Emil Grønbæk

Congratulations to Jens Emil Grønbæk who has been awarded an International Postdoc grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark. The grant funds a 2-year research project called “Blended Realities for Distributed Team Collaboration”.

Work is becoming more distributed with teams of people working together on mixed digital and physical tasks over distance. For instance, manufacturing companies need to supply expertise to remote physical problem-solving without transporting the limited resources of experts around the globe. In these contexts, collaboration is typically asymmetric where the physical task and several workers reside in one location, while remote experts have insufficient access to the workers’ task spaces. In this project, Jens Emil will build on his previous research on collaborative spaces to develop new Extended Reality (XR) technologies that aim to solve these challenges. The project forms a new research agenda – Blended Realities – which will result in new interaction concepts and technologies that enable people to better leverage their local physical spaces for distributed team collaboration.

In August, Jens Emil, and his family, will relocate to Australia to work on this project with the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Melbourne. We wish you good luck!