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Bjarne Stroustrup visiting Aarhus University

November 14th, Bjarne Stroustrup, "father" of the C++ programming language, will visit Aarhus University to do a distinguished talk about principles and aims during the evolution of the C++ language: "What C++ is and what it will become".

2016.10.28 | Peter Martin Moos Hoffmann

Stroustrup began developing C++ in the late 1970'es (then called "C with Classes"), shortly before he became PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University, England (1979). Today C++ is one of the most influential programming languages ever created.

Bjarne Stroustrup has a Master’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Aarhus University (1975) and in 2015, he was made a Fellow of the Computer History Museum for his invention of the C++ programming language. More on the distinguished talk here and click here to join our event on facebook. The distinguished talk is free to join.


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