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10 papers accepted at IEEE VIS 2023

What a great success for our visualization researchers, who have 10 papers accepted at IEEE VIS 2023 in Melbourne this October – congratulations! The IEEE VIS (Visualization, Information, and Science) conference is an annual event in the field of data visualization and visual analytics. The conference brings together researchers, practitioners, and experts to discuss the latest advancements, research findings, and trends in the visualization domain.

Associate professor Hans-Jörg Schulz and postdoc Marius Hogräfer have the paper ‘Combining Degree of Interest Functions and Progressive Visualization’ accepted at the conference. Newly appointed professor and Villum Investigator Niklas Elmqvist, and his PhD students, have an impressive 9 papers accepted at the conference. Read more about these nine papers at https://niklaselmqvist.medium.com/the-road-to-melbourne-5cda888a176a