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Student stories

Every year, students from all over the world come to Aarhus to study in the master's programme in Computer Science. Here they study alongside Danish students and can choose between nine different specializations, which are taught by our international researchers. All our professors are also active researchers in the topic they teach. This ensures our students always get the newest knowledge within their chosen specializations. It is also possible to write projects within our research groups, and if you really cannot get enough you may want to apply for our prestigious PhD programme.

Here we have gathered stories told by international alumni and current students to give you an insight into student life at the Department of Computer Science - and maybe a future life in Aarhus. If you want more information about the programme, application deadlines or requirements check out the official master's degree page on the Aarhus University website

Check out what is happening at the Department

What's it like being an international student at Aarhus University? Check out this video to find out why Aina (France), Manuel (Romania) and Joao (Portugal) recommends that you do your master in computer science at Aarhus University.
I was never disappointed by coming here... This is Patrick. He originates from Germany. He studied Computer Science at the department and got a student job at Danske Bank. When Patrick graduated, they offered him a full-time job and he decided to stay in Aarhus.

Max from Germany stayed in Aarhus after his studies

Max Scheid competed his master in Computer Science at the department in 2020. Now he works in downtown Aarhus as an IoS developer at Lunar.

在奥胡斯大学学习计算机科学 在本次的视频中,我们邀请到了两位来自奥胡斯大学计算机科学系的中国学生来为我们分享他们在奥胡斯大学学习生活的点点滴滴。这也是我们首次邀请计算机科学项目的中国同学为我们做分享。其中一位现就读于奥胡斯大学的计算机科学硕士项目,他在视频中主要分享了硕士项目的就读体验。另一位在完成硕士一年级之后转为了PhD项目,他将在视频中讲到更多博士项目相关的信息。(Don't worry - we made English subtitles for you 😉)
Life as a PhD student at Aarhus University