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Meet Vidur from India who studies Computer Science

Vidur Singh is 24 years old and comes from India. He is pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science whilst specialising in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Why choose Denmark to study?

Vidur heard about Aarhus University from friends when he was looking to apply for master’s degrees. He had heard good things about the Nordic region. Vidur tells, “Denmark, in particular, appealed to me in terms of its work culture providing a great work-life balance. There were also positive reviews on the future job market in Denmark.” Vidur chose Aarhus University to pursue a master’s degree due to its high ranking and the possibility to choose courses within his interests of data science and machine learning. Given the competitive tuition fee and the opportunity to work while studying, he chose to come to Denmark to study.

Time at Aarhus University and Aarhus

Vidur enjoys being at a large university located within the city. When it comes to his studies, he says, “The courses have been challenging but I like it that way.” He also talks about life in Aarhus, “I am very grateful to have the chance to befriend both Danes and international students while living in a dorm allocated by AU Housing.” He continues, “Contrary to what the internet says about the Danes being a bit reserved, I have found the people, I have met, to be quite warm and friendly. I am also pleasantly surprised by the level of English-speaking proficiency in Aarhus and Denmark in general. Communication has never been a problem as almost everyone speaks English with practically native fluency. It is a huge bonus for internationals like me.” Vidur laughs, “One of the other positives of staying in a dorm with Danes around me is that I can bother them all day long with requests to translate English sentences into Danish, which is a great help when learning the language!”

When asked if he faced any challenges upon arrival in Aarhus, Vidur says, “The University ensured things have been easy for me as an international student. However, some tasks, like opening a bank account, took time but I must say that all information about the processes and procedures is readily available online.” He then adds with a smile, “perhaps the most challenging experience for me has been to cycle up the hill for morning classes.”

Favorite spot in Aarhus 

Vidur’s favourite spot in Aarhus is the Deer Park, and he elaborates, “I often go there for runs. I find myself fortunate to have access to such a serene peaceful environment just a five-minute bike ride from home.” He adds, “Aarhus, and Denmark in general, has placed an emphasis on open public spaces, such as parks and outdoor gyms which add greatly to the ambience of the city. I have found myself more motivated to get outdoors and stay fit after coming to Denmark because of the increased access to high quality public spaces.”

Student Job

Vidur notes that getting a student job was high on his priority list. He says, “I started looking for a job almost as soon as I got here, and finding one was very easy. The first job I worked at was in a restaurant here in Aarhus. I found the job listing on Facebook, and I applied. After a few days of dishwashing, I started working in the kitchen, and it turned out to be a genuinely great experience for me.” He continues, “Then, through a career fair in the university, I landed my current student job at the innovation department of Grundfos. It is the largest pump manufacturer in the world based in Denmark, in a city relatively close to Aarhus. I develop and maintain algorithms in relation to new initiatives to make cooling pump systems more energy efficient and sustainable. I work 17 to 20 hours per week, and I am able to comfortably meet my expenses here.”

Working in Denmark - present and future

Vidur sees a connection between his current student job and his future career, and he explains, “my job now at Grundfos is exactly what I would like to be doing full time after graduating. I work in a creative environment with a lot of scope for exploration and learning, and I get to work on interesting data with real-world applications. Therefore, it is a great starting point for my career in Denmark after I graduate.” He also mentions work-life balance at Danish workplaces being phenomenal and exclaims, “nobody works (or encourages) working beyond 7-8 hours a day, and interestingly that means that while at work people are extremely focused and productive.”

Vidur looks forward to the future and adds, “I hope that the future brings exciting learning opportunities for me. I am always looking for an adventure, which is part of what brought me to Denmark for a master’s, and I hope I can continue seeking out new experiences going forward too.”

Vidur calls the city of Bangalore his home.

He completed his undergraduate studies in 2020 from Ashoka University, near New Delhi.

He is a passionate singer with a flair for music and plays seven different instruments.