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The research at Department of Computer Science is internationally recognized for its contributions within theory and practice of computing. 

It is our goal to maintain our position as one of the top research centres in Europe within both theoretical and experimental computer science. It is quite rare that a department leads within both these fields, and we want to take advantage of this position by increasing the number of cross-disciplinary activities.

We’ve always had a deliberate tradition of a decentralized research management without a fixed grouping, which has resulted in a dynamic development of research activities as well as research groupings. As we emphasize multidisciplinary attitudes to research, no firm dividing lines are drawn between the various strands of subjects and there is a lively interaction between all areas. Problem-oriented and inter-disciplinary approaches characterize our research. 

The faculty members participate actively in both national and international research programmes and they are increasingly financed by external funds. Often several partners from other departments are involved as well as other Danish universities and other institutions of higher education. The Department of Computer Science has had numerous successful research projects in cooperation with public as well as private enterprises.

Facts and figures

11 Research groups
5 Research centers



  • 15 Professors
  • 16 Associate Professors
  • 13 Assistant Professors
  • 30 Postdocs
  • 69 PhD students
  • 18 Administrative employee
  • 327 PhDs produced since 1975

Updated December 2022