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Forskning og uddannelse i verdensklasse 

Bliv en del af et af Europas førende institutter indenfor Datalogi og IT


Associate professor Kasper Green Larsen. Photo by: Lars Svankjær.

Research highlight for Kasper Green Larsen

29.09.2020In the 10/2020 edition of the magazine Communications of the ACM, associate professor Kasper Green Larsens’ paper Lower Bounds for External Memory Integer Sorting via Network Coding is featured as a research highlight.

Assistant professors Carsten Baum (left) and Peter Scholl (right). Photo by Søren Kjeldgaard

DKK 4.5 million to Advance Zero-Knowledge Proof Cryptography

28.09.2020Congratulations to Assistant professors Carsten Baum and Peter Scholl, who have received DKK 4.5 million for their part of the project “Fromager”, in which they will collaborate with researchers from Galois, Qed.IT, Columbia University, and KU Leuven. The aim of the project is to develop highly…

Special talk by Bjarne Stroustrup

25.09.2020On October 7, alumnus and honorary professor Bjarne Stroustrup will visit the department to give a talk about the aims and status of modern C++.

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