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Workshop Abstracts

Eugene Simon Polzik - University of Copenhagen: Photonic Network with Room Temperature Atomic Memories

Michael Drewsen - Aarhus University: Coulomb Crystallized Ions as Basis For Quantum Information Technology

Xiongfeng Ma - Tsinghua University: Security analysis for round-robin differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution 

Stephanie Wehner - QuTech: From Bell inequality violations towards device independence of general quantum cryptographic protocols

Man-Hong Yung - Tsinghua University: One-Shot Detection Limits of Quantum Illumination

Gorjan Alagic: Quantum Obfuscation

Christian Schaffner - University of Amsterdam: Semantic Security and Indistinguishability in the Quantum World

Matthias Crhistandl - University of Copenhagen: Limitations on Quantum Key Repeaters

Frederic Dupuis - Masaryk University: Entropy accumulation

Xiao Yuan - Tsinghua University: Intrinsic randomness as a measure of quantum coherence

Louis Salvail - Université de Montréal: Adaptive Versus Non-Adaptive Strategies in the Quantum Setting with Applications

Samuel Ranelucci - Aarhus University: Trivial Proofs about Quantum Mechanics from Simple Axioms

Ulrik Lund Andersen - Technical University of Denmark: New Schemes fro Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution

Serge Ferh - CWI: On the Composition of Two-Prover Commitments, and Applications to Multi-Round Relativistic Commitments

Claude Crépeau - Université de Montréal: Local, Entangled and Non-Signaling Zero-Knowledge Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs

Xun Gao - Tsinghua University: Complexity of Counting Schmidt Number in Many-body System

Ivan Damgård - Aarhus University: The orthogonal vector problem

Felipe Lacerda - Aarhus University:
Classical Leakage Resilience from Quantum Fault Tolerance