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Core Methodology

The core methodology of the project is to pursue the fertile combination of methods from computer science and economics, to do so in close collaboration between computer scientists and economists, in order to gain new basic and industrially applicable knowledge in computer science as well as economics and to do so while actually transferring the obtained knowledge to industry.

Concretely, we plan to focus our work in two main application areas:

In addition, we plan to include new emerging areas, for instance related to Web 2.0 and other applications that may emerge, as detailed below. Each area gives rise to a research agenda, and leads to results that are relevant for a particular subset of our industrial partners.

The researchers will be in close contact with the industrial partners throughout the project to ensure relevance of the research and to facilitate early prototyping to test the results. The following diagram concretely illustrates the planned work in the application areas and how the expertises will be combined in this work.