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In the center of the Chomsky/Stibitz buildings, you will the prototyping room. This room is the main Maker Space for the Department of Computer Science, where you can find the following equipment:

  • PRUSA Mark 4 3D Printers 
  • PRUSA Mini 3D Printers 
  • PRUSA Mark 2.5S 3D Printers 
  • Creality3D CR-10 3D Printers
  • VLS660 Laser Cutter 
  • VLS350 Desktop Laser Cutter
  • High-Z-S-1400T/105 CNC router (secondary location)
  • 3D Scanner EINSCAN PRO (contact Simon@cs.au.dk about reservation)
  • 3018 PCB CNC machines
  • PCB etching tubs (secondary location)
  • Soldering stations

To access the lab you will need a lab license, please contact labtools@cs.au.dk about this.

Einscan proCarvey CNCVLS660 lasercutterHigh-Z 1440tPrusa 3D printersVLS350 Lasercutter