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FORMLab is a workshop, made for working with hand tools and power tools on different materials, for example wood, metal or hardened hobby foam.

In the workshop you will find everything from a bandsaw to screwdrivers and pliers.

As FORMlab serves a large number of users and courses it is of major importance that you remember to clean up after yourself.

Safety manuals and datasheets for FORMlab machinery

  • Spånsuger: 230V/6,5A
  • Rondelsliber: 230V/4,9A
  • Båndsav: 400V/3,75A
  • Båndsliber: 400V/3,75A
  • Støvfilter: 230V/1A
  • Søjleboremaskine: 230V/2,6A
  • Kapsav: 230V/10A
  • Slibebord: 230V/10A
  • Kompressor: 400V/16A
  • Lys + styring: 230V/10A