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Master's Thesis Students

Morten Vinther Pedersen
Quality of Service for VoWLAN, 2005
Henrik L. Jensen
MobyM - A Mobile Ad-hoc Network Emulation Environment, 2005'
Kenneth-Daniel Nielsen
Evaluation of Broadcast Based Protocols for Data Dissemination in Traffic Warning Network, 2004
Niclas Renberg Gregersen, Torben Frost-Thorsen
Research of functionality and reusability in the development of an object oriented software framework for a family of flow meters, 2004
Benjamin Bayart, Thibaut Ribes
Modular State Spaces in Design/CPN, 2003
Eva Kjær Troels, Henrik Refslund Sørensen
Routning i mobile ad hoc netværk, 2003
Jonas Martin Thomsen, René Manggaard Jensen
Analysis of GSM Handovers using Coloured Petri Nets, 2003
Stefan Sørensen
I/O Efficient State-Space Storage, 2002
Farret Guillaume, Carré Guillaume
Distributed Methods for Computation and Analysis of a Coloured Petri Net State Space, 2002
Jakob Færch
Modellering af interaktive, eventbaserede multimediesystemer ved hjælp af farvede petrinet, 2002
Anders Morten Mikkelsen
On-the-fly LTL Model Checking in Design/CPN, 2001
Torbjørn Donbæk, Jan Møller
Internal Network Security - Defending the Network from the Inside, 2001
Jan-Henrik Paulsen
Automatic Code Generation from Coloured Petri Nets, 2000
Cooperation with Dalcotech A/S, Nørresundby as part of the AC/DC project.
Tina Olesen
Coloured Petri Nets and State Space Reduction Methods, 2000
S. Nimsgern, F. Vernet
Communication between Coloured Petri Net Simulations and External Processes, 2000
Anette Christensen
Design and Analysis of a Bus Scheduling System by Means of Coloured Petri Nets, 1999 (in Danish)
Jean-Pascal Peltier (French exchange student, Socrates Programme)
Interval Timed Coloured Petri Nets, 1999
Bo Lindstrøm, Lisa Wells
Performance Analysis and Coloured Petri Nets, 1999
Cooperation with Hewlett-Packard, as part of HP-CPN.
Finn Pedersen
Modelling and Validation of a Cache Coherence Protocol, 1999 (in Danish)
Jesper Jensen, Peter Høggaard
Application of Coloured Petri Nets in an Object-Oriented Method, 1997 (in Danish)
Aksel Jørgensen, Claus Hemberg Jørgensen
VLSI Modelling with Coloured Petri Nets, 1996 (in Danish)
Mejar Singh, Jens L. Rasmussen
Designing and Analysing a Security System by Means of Coloured Petri Nets, 1996
Cooperation with Dalcotech A/S, Nørresundby as part of an ESSI project
Part of thesis is published as a paper at an international conference
Jan Toksvig
Design and Implementation of a Place Invariant Tool for Coloured Petri Nets, 1995
Afshin Foroughipour
Construction of the OS-graph with Permutation Symmetries of a Coloured Petri Net using Algebraic Algorithms, 1995
Tommy Rudmose Hansen, Torben Bisgaard Haagh
Optimising a Coloured Petri Net Simulator, 1995
Cooperation with Meta Software Corporation, Cambridge MA, USA
Peter Ryberg Jensen, Henning Clausen
Usage Parameter Control Algorithms in High Speed Networks, 1993.
Part of thesis is published as a paper at an international conference
Michael Pedersen, Jens Bæk Jørgensen, Rikke Drewsen Andersen
State Spaces with Equivalent Markings and Self-symmetries, 1991 (in Danish)
Lars Kjærulff Christensen, Thomas Groth, Henrik Juul Geer Rasmussen
Numerical Petri Nets and Protean (in Danish)
Cooperation with Jutland Telephone, Aarhus, 1988
Bente Rose Andersen, Joan Jensen, Anne Marie Skelde-Petersen
Description of an Office System by means of RFA-nets (in Danish)
Cooperation with the State and University Library, Aarhus, 1988
Kim Halskov Madsen, Niels Damgaard Hansen
System Description by means of Petri Nets, 1983 (in Danish)
Published as DAIMI-IR 50 (internal report of Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus)