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The main research objectives of CIO are to

  1. develop the conception of common interactive objects so as to offer a new un­derstanding of human-computer interaction, focusing on human control.
  2. develop a new perspective to support the building of user interfaces in a coherent and unified framework.
  3. make common interactive objects that will empower users to better understand and develop the technologies they use.
  4. carry out ground-breaking research regarding the technological basis of common interactive objects with focus on malleability, control and shareability over time.

CIO will explore interactive objects as material (in both use, design and development); collaborative; historical, as well as innovative and pointing towards the future of use and design. This is done through

a. theoretical and technological groundwork,

b. innovative design methods,

c. technological platform components to match and

d. empiri­cal, explorative cases where interactive objects are designed and/or used in real human activity (demonstrating also the viability of a, b and c regarding malleability, control and shareability over time).