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About Aarhus

With approximately 300.000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. It was founded by the Vikings in the 8th century, and is located in a natural bay along a small river and surrounded by forests. Aarhus is often referred to as "the youngest and brightest city in Denmark” because of its large student population – almost 1/5 of the residents are students. The young population and the fact that the city is the unofficial “capital of west Denmark” means that Aarhus has a large concentration of attractions, shopping and city life. 

What to see and do in Aarhus:

  • DOKK1 - The city's new impressive library which is located at the waterfront in the city center. Here you will find much more than just books.
  • Harbors, forests and beaches - If the weather behaves (which we hope it will), Aarhus also has a lot of outdoor attractions/activities. They obviously include strolling the harbors, forests and beaches on both the north and south side of the city. On the south side of the city close to the Queens summer residence Marselisborg you will find Marselisborg Habor with nice restaurants and the Marselisborg forest extending along the ocean and beaches. 
  • Cafés along the river or in the Latin Quarter - Most of these cafés turn into regular bars towards midnight and there are several clubs downtown.

The website VisitAarhus provides lots of information about Aarhus.