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Aarhus Crypto Seminar

We have a seminar series where members and visitors of the group give talks about recent research in cryptology and information security.

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminars!

The seminars take place on Thursdays from 13:30 to 14:30 in the Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium in the Nygaard building (5335-016), Finlandsgade 21, 8200 Aarhus N. You can also attend the seminars over Zoom.    

A list of upcoming and previous talks is below. Talks prior to Autumn 2020 can be found here 

If you want to give a talk, please send an email to our seminar organizer Peter Scholl.

If you would like to start receiving announcements of the seminars, please contact Malene B.B. Andersen.


27-30Summer Break
26tbaCrypto Summer Day
2310/6Matteo Campanelli and Felix EngelmannKey-value Commitments for Multi-token QuisQuis
223/6No seminar 
2127/5Daniel EscuderoSecure Computation in a Unstable Network with Dropouts and Comebacks    
2020/5Mathias Hall-AndersenStacking Sigmas: A Framework to Compose Σ-Protocols for Disjunctions
1913/5No seminar due to Ascension Day
186/5No seminar
1729/4Ivan DamgårdWork-in-progress-talk
1622/4Nikolaj I. SchwartzbachGame theory on the blockchain: a model for games with smart contracts    
1515/4Peter Sebastian NordholtCross-Layer Deanonymization Methods in the Lightning Protocol 
148/4Thomas Attema

Compressed Σ-Protocol Theory

131/4-Easter break
1225/3Danilo FrancattiKolmogorov complexity and cryptography: New connections and applications to space-demanding functions
1118/3No seminar
1011/3Katharina BoudgoustTowards aggregating lattice signatures
94/3Mahak PancholiReverse Firewalls for Adaptively Secure MPC without Setup
825/2No seminar 
718/2Rasmus PaghOn the Power of Multiple Anonymous Messages
611/2Peter SchollThe Rise of Paillier: Homomorphic Secret Sharing and Public-Key Silent OT - The talk will start at 12:30.
54/2Carsten BaumBanquet: Short and Fast Signatures from AES


52=>24/12=>Christmas Break
5114/12VariousAarhus Crypto Winter Day - Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19
5010/12Aurore GuillevicFactoring RSA of 240 decimal digits and computing discrete logarithms in a 240-decimal-digit prime field with the same software and hardware


3/12Luisa SiniscalchiMultiparty Computation with Covert Security and Public Verifiability
4826/11Tjerand SildeLattice based shuffle and verifiable mixing networks
4719/11No seminar
4612/11No seminar
455/11Tore FrederiksenP2DEX: Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Exchange
4429/10Carsten BaumMac'n'Cheese: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Arithmetic Circuits with Nested Disjunctions
4322/10Eduardo Soria-VazquezRinocchio: If you like SNARKs you should put a ring on them
4215/10--Autumn Break


1/10Salvatore IngalaFast Hash-Based Additive Accumulators