Aarhus Crypto Seminar

The Aarhus crypto group has a weekly seminar where group members and visitors give talks. This is an overview of scheduled talks. Currently (Spring 2020), the regular slot for talks is Monday 14.00 - 15.00, with occasional exceptions. Most talks will be in Nygaard-295. Please contact Malene B. B. Andersen if you want to start receiving seminar announcements. If you want to give a talk, send an email to Sabine Oechsner.
(Due to the current lockdown situation at AU, the seminar talks will be held virtually until further notice. Please contact Malene to get more information.)

Upcoming talks

Week Date Speaker Title
22-23 - TPMPC
24 8/6 Mark Simkin
25 15/6 tbd
26 22/6 Carsten Baum
27 29/6 Daniel Escudero
28- - Summer break

Previous talks

Week Date Speaker Title
21 18/5 Ivan Damgård Lower Bounds on Ad Hoc Threshold Encryption
20 - Eurocrypt
19 4/5 Benjamin Lipp Hybrid Public Key Encryption: Mechanized Provable Security of a New IRTF Standard
18 27/4 Mathias Hall-Andersen IOPs and DEEP-FRI
17 20/4 Eduardo Soria Vazquez Reducing the overhead of using Galois Rings in MPC
15-16 - Easter break
14 30/3 Joakim Brorsson Publicly Accountable Anonymity Revocation
13 23/3 Daniel Feher How private is a privacy-based blockchain? A study on Zcash
12 16/3 Alix Trieu How programming language research can help securely implement cryptography
11 9/3 Ivan Oleynikov Privacy-Preserving Proximity Testing with a Napping Party
10 2/3 Divya Ravi Beyond Honest Majority: The Round Complexity of Fair and Robust Multi-party Computation
9 24/2 Rahul Rachuri Trident: Efficient 4PC Framework for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
8 17/2 Daniel Escudero On the Communication Complexity of Single-Round Information-Theoretic Multiplication Protocols
7 13/2 Ida Tucker Distributing the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm both securely and efficiently
6 6/2 Cecilia Boschini Designing Privacy-Preserving Signatures from NIZK with Relaxed Extractability
5 30/1 Carsten Baum Fairness in the Eyes of the Data: Certifying Machine-Learning Models
4 23/1 Jesper Buus Nielsen (In)feasibility of Coin-Flip
3 16/1 Nikolaj Ignatieff Schwartzbach Communication Lower Bounds for Perfect Maliciously Secure MPC
1-2 - Holiday break

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