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Aarhus Crypto Seminar

We have a seminar series where members and visitors of the group give talks about recent research in cryptology and information security.

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminars!

This semester, the seminars take place on Thursdays from 14:30 to 15.30 in Nygaard-295, Finlandsgade 21-23, 8200 Aarhus N.    

A list of coming and previous talks is below. Talks prior to Autumn 2020 can be found here 

If you want to give a talk, please send an email to our seminar organizer Peter Scholl.

If you would like to start receiving announcements of the seminars, please contact Malene B.B. Andersen.


Week Date Speaker Title
15 10/4 Serge Fehr Knowledge Soundness of Special-Sound Proofs
14 4/4 Matteo Campanelli Merlin becomes greedy, obsessed with scalability and a knowledge show-off (Or: How to Make Rational Arguments Practical and Extractable)
9 29/2 Damiano Abram Costant-Round Simulation-Secure Coin Tossing Extension with Guaranteed Output
9 28/2 Aron van Baarsen

Fuzzy Private Set Intersection with Large Hyperballs

Time: 15.00 in Nygaard-295

8 22/2 Pierre Meyer

A Note on Low-Communication Secure Multiparty Computation via Circuit Depth-Reduction

6 8/2 Pierre Meyer Fast Public-Key Silent OT and More from Constrained Naor-Reingold


Week Date Speaker Title
49 6/11 Ryo Kikuchi Secure Statistical Analysis on Multiple Datasets: Join and Group-By
48 30/11 Kelong Cong

Flash-PSI: Efficient Fuzzy Labeled PSI

Time: Thursday at 13.00 // Place: Nygaard-295

47 22/11

Khanh Ngoc

Lattice-Based Polynomial Commitments: Towards Asymptotic and Concrete Efficiency
46 15/11 Diego Aranha, Lennart Braun, Jakob Burkhardt CCS 2023 - Speed Talks
45 8/11 Sasha Lapiha "SIS-with-hints" assumptions, reductions and lattice-based polynomial commitments
44 1/11 Sebastian Kolby Using LaBRADOR to build aggregate signatures for Falcon
43 25/10 Marius Årdal Overview of LaBRADOR and how to prove its Fiat-Shamir security
39 27/9 Peter VOLE-in-the-Head and FAEST
38 20/9 Sihang Pu

Lattice-based t-out-of-n Threshold Signatures

38 19/9 Laasya Bangalore

Differentially Private Distributed Mean Estimation with Malicious Security

Time: 14.00-15.00 / Place: Nygaard-295

37 13/9 Thomas Prest Masking-friendly signatures and the design of Raccoo
36 6/9 Marius Årdal

Proving knowledge soundness of imperfect special sound protocols

35 30/8 Yash Kondi Threshold ECDSA in Three Rounds
34 23/8 Tore Frederiksen Introducing the fhEVM - Privacy preserving smart contracts using FHE
33 14/8 Julian Loss

Network-Agnostic Security Comes (Almost) for Free in DKG and MPC

25 19/6 Jesper Buus Nielsen On Valiant’s Conjecture
24 12/6 Amit Agarwal

Communication efficient secure logistic regression

20 15/5 Mathias Hall-Andersen

Dora -- The Branch Explorer

Place: Nygaard-184

14 3/4 Nikolaj Schwartzbach The Planted k-SUM Problem: Algorithms, Lower Bounds, Hardness Amplification, and Cryptography
12 20/3 Sabine Oechsner

On lower bounds for garbling scheme

11 17/3 Benedikt Wagner

Chopsticks: Fork-Free Two-Round Multi-Signatures from Non-Interactive Assumptions

Time: 14.00-15.00 / Place: Nygaard-295

11 13/3

Julian Loss

Juan Garay

Gossiping for Communication-Efficient Broadcast

Universally Composable Almost-Everywhere Secure Computation

10 6/3 Hiraku Morita  Constant-Round Private Decision Tree Evaluation for Secret Shared Data
10 28/2 Yvonne Mao

Security of the NIST SP800 108r1 Key Derivation Functions

9 27/2 Corentin Jeudy Lattice Signature with Efficient Protocols, Application to Anonymous Credentials
8 20/2 Lance Roy Can We Beat Three Halves Gates?
6 6/2 Ivan Damgård Secure DNA and distributed Exponentiation
4 24/1 AbdelKarim Kati (Karim) Cryptanalysis Strikes Back, A Realistic assessment of leakage attacks on Encrypted Search


Week Date Speaker Title
48 1/12 Ana Costache

On the Precision Loss in Approximate Homomorphic Encryption

Time: 11.00-12.00 / Place: Nygaard-295

48 29/11 Michael Klooß Relaxed Range Proofs
47 23/11 Anca Nitulescu

How to make it private? Content Routing Open Problems!

Time: 11.00-12.00 / Place: Nygaard-395

47 22/11 Jesper Nielsen A Walk in the ORAM Forest / About oblivious RAMs and something about tree
46 15/11 Christian Majenz Post-quantum Security of Fiat-Shamir Signatures in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
45 9/11 Maciej Obremski  A New Model of Leakage
45 8/11 Mark Simkin Squirrel: Efficient Synchronized Multi-Signatures from Lattices
44 1/11 Katharina Boudgoust Simple Threshold (Fully Homomorphic) Encryption From LWE with Polynomial Modulus
43 25/10 Akira Takahashi Witness-Succinct Universally-Composable SNARKs
38 20/9 Yashvanth Kondi On the Role of Randomness in Straight-Line Extractable Compilers
35 2/9 Orestis Alpos

Do not trust in numbers: Distributed cryptography and Byzantine quorum systems beyond thresholds

Time: 10.00-11.30 / Place: Nygaard-295

35 29/8 Tushar Mopuri Dew: Transparent Constant-sized zkSNARKs
34 24/8

Sebastian Kolby

Anat Paskan-Cherniavsky

The State of the Union: Union-Only Signatures for Data Aggregation

On Perfectly Secure 2-party Computation of Symmetric Functionalities with Correlated Randomness

32 10/8 Ivan Damgård Some observations on distributed key generation
27 4/7 Crypto Summer Day 2022
26 27/6 Dario Fiore

On the Impossibility of Algebraic Vector Commitments in Pairing-Free Groups

21 25/5 Sebastian Kolby The State of the Union: Union-Only Signatures for Data Aggregation
19 11/5 Youssef El Housni SNARKs and elliptic curves
18 4/5 Aurore Guillevic A crash course on pairing-friendly curves
17 27/4 Luisa Siniscalchi Delayed-Input MPC-in-the-Head and Applications to Black-Box Non-Malleable Commitments
15-16 13/4-20/4 No seminar due to Easter
14 6/4 Mary Maller ZK-SNARKs: A plethora of ideas guaranteed to upset cryptographers
13 31/3 Bernardo David

Realising YOSO Communication Channels: Encryption to the Future and its efficient PVSS-friendly Instantiations

The talk will be held in Nygaard-327 from 15:00 to 16:00

13 30/3 Hannah Keller Quantifying identifiability to choose and audit epsilon in differentially private deep learning
12 24/3 Anca Nitulescu

Linear Map Vector Commitments and Applications

The talk will be held in Ada-333 from 15:00 to 16:00

12 23/3 Akira Takahashi Verifiable Encryption from MPC-in-the-Head
11 16/3 Mathias Hall-Andersen Secure Multiparty Computation with Free Branching
10 9/3 Rahul Rachuri Le Mans: Dynamic and Fluid MPC for Dishonest Majority
9 2/3 Mahak Pancholi

Fiat–Shamir Bulletproofs are Non-Malleable (in the Algebraic Group Model)

8 23/2 Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh SNARKY Signatures with Universal and Updatable Setup
3 20/1 Maciej Obremski

Wondrous journey through the land of Privacy Amplification

The tak will be held in the PBA Auditorium


Week Date Speaker Title
50 16/12 Thomas K.T. Mogensen and Jakob S. Villumsen

Thomas: MitID - The new NemID // Jakob: Implementing an OPRF

The talks will be held in Ada-333 (building 5342, room 333)

49 9/12 Daniel Tschudi

Cutting Cake Equally

The talk will be held in PBA (building 5335, room 016)

48 2/12 Luisa Siniscalchi Round-Optimal Multi-Party Computation with Identifiable Abort
47 25/11 Felix Engelmann

Highly Opinionated Introduction to using git for Collaborative Paper Writing

The talk will be held in Ada-333 (building 5342, room 333)

46 18/11 Petr Sedláček Limitations of incompressible encodings
45 11/11 Nico Döttling

Batch-OT with Optimal Rate

The talk will be held in the PBA Auditorium (building 5335, room 016)

44 4/11 Damiano Abram Distributed (Correlation) Samplers: How to Remove a Trusted Dealer in One Round
43 28/10 Daniel Escudero

Information-Theoretically Secure MPC against Mixed Dynamic Adversaries

The talk will take place in Ada-333, building 5342, room 333

42 21/10 Autumn Break
41 14/10 Ivan Damgård

An open problem in communication complexity of MPC

The talk will be held in the PBA Auditorium, building 5335/room 016

40 7/10 Katharina Boudgoust Hardness of Module Learning With Errors With Small Secrets
39 30/9 No seminar due to EuroCrypt deadline
38 23/9 CS Colloquium with Aurore Guillevic on "The knapsack algorithm in analytical chemistry"
37 16/9 Maciej Obremski The Mother of All Leakages
36 9/9 Suvradip Chakraborty Combining Forward-Security and Leakage-Resilience for Non-Interactive Key Exchange
35 2/9 Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach Secure rational multi-party computation from publicly verifiable covert secure protocols
34 26/8 No seminar due to PhD and Postdoc Retreat
33 No seminar
32 12/8 Jonathan Bootle Sumcheck Arguments and their Applications 
27-31 Summer Break
26 1-2/7 Crypto Summer Days
23 10/6 Matteo Campanelli and Felix Engelmann Key-value Commitments for Multi-token QuisQuis
22 3/6 No seminar 
21 27/5 Daniel Escudero Secure Computation in a Unstable Network with Dropouts and Comebacks    
20 20/5 Mathias Hall-Andersen Stacking Sigmas: A Framework to Compose Σ-Protocols for Disjunctions
19 13/5 No seminar due to Ascension Day
18 6/5 No seminar
17 29/4 Ivan Damgård Work-in-progress-talk
16 22/4 Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach Game theory on the blockchain: a model for games with smart contracts    
15 15/4 Peter Sebastian Nordholt Cross-Layer Deanonymization Methods in the Lightning Protocol 
14 8/4 Thomas Attema

Compressed Σ-Protocol Theory

13 1/4 - Easter break
12 25/3 Danilo Francatti Kolmogorov complexity and cryptography: New connections and applications to space-demanding functions
11 18/3 No seminar
10 11/3 Katharina Boudgoust Towards aggregating lattice signatures
9 4/3 Mahak Pancholi Reverse Firewalls for Adaptively Secure MPC without Setup
8 25/2 No seminar 
7 18/2 Rasmus Pagh On the Power of Multiple Anonymous Messages
6 11/2 Peter Scholl The Rise of Paillier: Homomorphic Secret Sharing and Public-Key Silent OT - The talk will start at 12:30.
5 4/2 Carsten Baum Banquet: Short and Fast Signatures from AES


52=> 24/12=> Christmas Break
51 14/12 Various Aarhus Crypto Winter Day - Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19
50 10/12 Aurore Guillevic Factoring RSA of 240 decimal digits and computing discrete logarithms in a 240-decimal-digit prime field with the same software and hardware


3/12 Luisa Siniscalchi Multiparty Computation with Covert Security and Public Verifiability
48 26/11 Tjerand Silde Lattice based shuffle and verifiable mixing networks
47 19/11 No seminar
46 12/11 No seminar
45 5/11 Tore Frederiksen P2DEX: Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Exchange
44 29/10 Carsten Baum Mac'n'Cheese: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Arithmetic Circuits with Nested Disjunctions
43 22/10 Eduardo Soria-Vazquez Rinocchio: If you like SNARKs you should put a ring on them
42 15/10 -- Autumn Break


1/10 Salvatore Ingala Fast Hash-Based Additive Accumulators