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DIREC Explore Grant to postdoc Alejandro Aguirre

The sensitivity of a program measures how much the output changes when making changes to the inputs. In a DIREC Explore project, postdoc Alejandro Aguirre (AU) and Christoph Matheja (DTU) will study new methodologies to specify and verify sensitivity properties of probabilistic programs. The goal of the project is to develop a programming framework in which users can write programs together with their specifications in such a way that (a) they are comprehensible to everyday programmers, (b) can be proven using automated theorem provers. The methodologies developed in the project will then be applied to verify properties from the machine learning and security literature.

Read more about the the new DIREC explore projects: https://direc.dk/eight-new-direc-projects-should-contribute-to-accelerate-the-careers-of-young-researchers/