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  • Center for Basic Research in Program Verification

Software systems are an integral part of modern society, and software errors and security breaches pose enormous costs and risks. Center for basic research in Program Verification (CPV) develops fundamental mathematically based models and logics for rigorous mathematical reasoning about correctness and security of software systems.

To analyze and reason about software systems it is important to consider models at many different levels of abstraction. Since many real software errors and security breaches stem from subtle problems in implementations of software systems, CPV focus on detailed, so-called semantic, models of program execution.

CPV builds on several recent breakthrough results, by researchers from Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University, in program verification for modern software systems.



CPV  is currently looking for both PhD students and Postdocs

If you are interested, please send an email to Lars Birkedal.

Head of research


Center for Basic Research in Program Verification (CPV) is funded by a Villum Investigator grant (no. 25804) from The Villum Foundation from 2019-2025.

Affiliated researchers

Aslan Askarov Associate Professor Aarhus University
Amin Timany Assistant Professor Aarhus University
Bas Spitters Associate Professor Aarhus University
Jaco van de Pol Professor Aarhus University
Jean Pichon Assistant Professor Aarhus University
Bastien Tom Titouan Rousseau PhD student Aarhus University

Former employees

Name Position Now at
Armael Gueneau Postdoc Inria Saclay, France
Alix Trieu Postdoc National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSIF), Paris, France
Patrica Johann Visiting Profssor Appalachian State University
Pierre Cagne Visiting Postdoc Appalachian State University
Sofia H. Rasmussen Center Manager Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
Arnaud Daby-Seesaram Intern ENS Paris
Alban Reynaud Intern ENS Lyon
Galaad Langlois Intern ENS Lyon
Kilian Ravon Intern ENS de Rennes
Felix Wiemuth Research assistant
Zesen Qian PhD student
Aïna Linn Georges PhD student
Levs (Léon) Gondelman Postdoc
Daniil Frumin Postdoc
Jonathan Sterling Postdoc University of Cambridge
Abel Nieto Rodriguez PhD student
Vincent Lafeychine Intern Ens Paris Saclay
León Ducruet Intern Ens Lyon
Simon Friis Vindum PhD student