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AUFF Starting grant to Jean Pichon

Congratulations to assistant professor Jean Pichon, who has received an AUFF starting grant to support the establishment of his own research team. With the grant, Pichon will investigate how to help expert programmers work with the core interfaces that underlie modern computer systems, in particular hardware architectures and programming languages.

Assistant Professor Jean Pichon
Assistant Professor Jean Pichon. Photo by Sebastian Knudsen, Department of Computer Science.

Jean Pichon elaborates, ”we will clarify these poorly understood interfaces, and develop mathematically precise models of them, which we will thoroughly validate. We will phrase these models so that they can be used as reference test oracles by programmers to validate their designs. On top of these models, we will develop reasoning methods to mathematically capture the informal programming patterns that programmers rely on, and to show that they provide the desired guarantees. We will engage with industrial collaborators so that this work is integrated in the hardware architecture definitions and programming language standards.”

Jean Pichon joined the department on October 1, 2021 as a tenue track assistant professor in the Logic and Semantic research group. Prior to that, he was a at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.