Prof. Jaco van de Pol

Department of Computer Science
Aarhus University

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(Manuscripts available from Pure (Twente, 2007-2018) or Pure (Aarhus, from 2019) or publications until 2006)
Full Curriculum Vitae (January 2020, pdf)

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Currently, I have a vacancy for a a Postdoc researcher. I will consider candidates with a good publication record and an interesting research agenda. Send me an e-mail if you are interested.

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I am teaching a 10EC course on Computability and Logic.
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Academic Service (since 2014)

Research Interests

Modeling and analysis of safety, dependability, performance, and security aspects of software-intensive embedded systems by means of model checking, theorem proving and testing.

Synthesis of parameters and strategies for the control and testing of safety-critical systems.

The development of new model checking techniques based on symbolic techniques (e.g. abstraction, confluence, fixpoint equation systems, constraint solving) and high-performance graph algorithms (e.g. distributed and multi-core model checking algorithms).

Application domains include embedded systems (e.g. railway safety interlockings), distributed systems (e.g. blockchain and smart contracts), security protocols and risk analysis (e.g. through attack-defense trees), energy optimisation (e.g. through stochastic timed automata) and signaling pathways in biological systems.