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Welcome to 217 new IT students at the Department of Computer Science

On 28 July, answers will be sent to everyone who has applied for admission to higher education in Denmark. The department’s two bachelor's programs – Computer Science and IT Product Development – ​​received a total of 437 applications, and 217 of these applicants will today receive an offer of admission to their dream program. Compared to 2021, this is an increase of 10% for Computer Science and 16% for IT Product Development, and it is pleasant to see an increasing interest in the important and highly demanded IT skills.

"It is fantastic to see an increase in the number of IT students, because there is great demand for them and the skills they will have as graduates," says head of department Kaj Grønbæk and continues, "We look forward to welcoming the new students at Department of Computer Science. They can look forward to five years, where they will be challenged and develop their skills within abstraction, communication, problem solving - and especially creativity. Because as an IT specialist advanced theories, methods, and tools as well as new thinking must be used to develop the algorithms, programs and user interfaces that are central when delivering innovative IT solutions in areas such as health, energy or climate.”

In total, Aarhus University has offered admission to 7,113 new students, but it is particularly in the focus areas within the IT and engineering programs that progress is seen.

"Compared to 2019, we see a total progress of 19% on our IT courses, and 14% for the engineering field. These are areas that we have worked purposefully to strengthen over several years, and it is gratifying that the interest is sprouting among the applicants", says vice-chancellor Berit Eika.

Everyone who has been offered a study place will receive a notification in their e-box on July 28. As a future student at Aarhus University, you must confirm your study place via https://minansoegning.au.dk no later than 3 August.

Facts about this year's admission at Aarhus University:

  • 7,113 applicants have been offered a study place at AU. In 2019, the number was 7,139.

  • Arts: 1,922 admission offers: Nine percent fewer than in 2019

  • Aarhus BSS: 2,395 offers of admission: One percent fewer than in 2019

  • Natural Sciences: 803 admission offers: Two percent fewer than in 2019

  • Health: 878 offers of admission: One percent more than in 2019

  • Technical Sciences: 1,115 offers of admission: 19 percent more than in 2019

Available spots

Several programs at Aarhus University still have places available. Read more (in Danish) at https://bachelor.au.dk/optaglese/ansoegning/ledigepladser and send your application before 3 August.