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Large increase in applications for IT programmes

25% more have chosen one of Aarhus University’s IT progammes as their first priority. The three programs at the Faculty of Natural Sciences - Computer Science, IT Product Development and Data Science - all seem to be getting good admission.

The Department of Computer Science has received a large increase in first priority applicants to both Computer Science and IT Product Development. Compared to 2019, 16% more people chose Computer Science as their first priority, while 36% more have IT Product Development as their first choice.

"It is amazing that so many young people have chosen an IT education, because society needs technical and scientific IT competencies at the highest professional level," says Head of department Kaj Grønbæk, and continues; "We already saw the positive trend at quota 2 in March, and it is really good that the trend holds especially since the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has given the department the opportunity to accept more in IT programs this year"

Due to covid-19, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science decided to increase admission in 2020 and 2021 to a number of higher education programs that contribute to growth in the Danish economy - and a special focus area are the IT programmes. With the new agreement, the Department of Computer Science can accept 30% more students than in 2019.

“I am looking forward to welcoming the many new students at Computer Science or IT Product Development. They can expect to be challenged on their skills of abstraction, communication, problem solving, and creativity. Our education provides insight into research in the advanced theories, algorithms, programs and user interfaces that are central to solving major societal challenges. ” says Kaj Grønbæk.


 *** Facts about applications to the Faculty of Natural Sciences ***

  • The programs at the Faculty of Natural Sciences have received 2,672 applications, which is 14% more applicants than last year. Progress is greatest in Computer Science, Computer Science, IT Product Development, Mathematics, and Mathematics-Economics.

  • The IT programs at the Faculty of Natural Sciences comprise Computer Science, Data Science and IT Product Development, all of which have a good progress in first priority applications of 16%, 24% and 36% respectively.

  • All applicants will respond to their applications on July 28 via e-mail.

  • Read more about this year's applications to Aarhus University: https://www.au.dk/#news-18210