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More female and international applicants

Thank you to all the young people who have applied for acceptance at the department! We cannot wait to meet you when the new semester starts!

July 5th was the application deadline for quota 1 applications for higher education programs in Denmark. In total, we have received 431 applications for the Department's two bachelor programs. Of these 190 have either Computer Science or IT Product Development as their first priority. This number is lower than it was in 2022, but there are positive vibes in terms of student diversity as the number of female applicants have risen, and this year constitutes 22% of all applicants.

“I am excited about every single application, and I look forward to welcoming all our new students. It is, however, no secret that I would have loved to see many more applicants, since society desperately needs our graduates.

But I am very happy to see that more women apply for our programs representing 22% of the applicants. We run several initiatives to make women aware of the perspectives in our studies, and it is nice to see a positive effect.

There are endless opportunities in society if you have an IT education, the job market is continuously growing. All our graduates have the opportunity to pick and choose their dream job and make a difference in many areas of society – whether it be health, climate, or security, " says head of department Kaj Grønbæk.


Record-high number of applications from international full-degree students

While the bachelor applications decline, we have experienced a record high interest with 415 applicants for our master’s degree in computer science - mainly due to an increase in international full-degree students joining the department. In the coming years, we are looking into a smaller youth population, and it will be an even bigger challenge to recruit enough students, if we only can recruit from Denmark, as is the case for our current bachelor programs. This issue is something Kaj Grønbæk recently spoke to Børsen Tech about – we need to open our bachelor programs for international students!

We look forward to meeting all the new students when the semester begins on August 28. All applicants will receive a response to their application via e-box on 28 July.

Applications to Aarhus University

Applications to Aarhus University
This year, Aarhus University received a total of 27,754 applications (6% more than 2022) - of which 10,440 applicants (8% more than 2022) have the university as their first priority. The Faculty of Natural Sciences, which the Department of Computer Science belongs to, has received 2,372 applications, of which 826 are first priority. More information about the 2023 admission figures can be found here: https://www.au.dk/forsideelementer/nyheder/artikel/flot-ansoegerfremgang-paa-aarhus-universitet