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Increase in first-priority applications to the department

Yesterday, was the application deadline for quota 1 applications for higher education programs, and unfortunately there was a general decrease in the number of applicants on the national level. We are therefore pleased to announce that both the department’s programs - Computer Science and IT Product Development - have increased the number of first-priority applications (+ 9% for Computer Science and + 16% for IT Product Development compared with 2021). A total of 223 applicants have put one of the department's programs at the top of their wish list. 

This interest in studying at the department, is great news to Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk, who states;

“I am excited about every single application. But it is particularly good again to see an increase in first-priority applications for our two programs after the Corona fluctuations. There are endless opportunities with an IT education, and these young people can not only look forward to an exciting and challenging study time, but also a job market in explosive growth - so they can expect to work with exactly what they are passionate about. "

A total of 437 have applied for admission to the Department's two bachelor programs. Data science, at the Department of Mathematics, which opened in 2019, keeps the level of applications from last year, while at the faculty level there has been a slight decline. All applicants will receive a response to their application via e-box on 28 July.

Applications to Aarhus University

This year, Aarhus University received a total of 26,254 applications - of which 9,637 applicants have the university as their first-priority. This is a small - and expected - decrease compared to last year. The Faculty of Natural Sciences, to which the Department of Computer Science belongs, has received 2,421 applications, of which 836 are first-priority. This is 4% less than last year. More information about the 2022 admission figures can be found here: https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/news-articles/news/artikel/kot-2022-9752-vil-helst-have-en-uddannelse-paa-aarhus-universitet